Our true self

… more chaos, more disruptions, more unRHEST!

Derived from our creative philosophy; more chaos, more disruptions more unRHEST. unRHEST is RHEST’s voice of reason, an expression of our true self, inspirations, conversations and creative expression free from the shackles of the brief.

unRHEST Jukebox.

Faki mali uzobona, a small selection of sounds we play while executing various briefs as well as in between our Call Of Duty sessions.


Little is recorded about our African idols except by means of folklore told by our elders or the lucky few who have managed to witness greatness personified by these icons. This ongoing series aims to educate South Africans and the world at large about African individuals from various backgrounds and industries who pioneered their respective craft. Most importantly, this is our little digital museum of individuals who personify more chaos, more disruptions, more unRHEST. Mapara.

Jazz Artist

Singer & songwriter

Champions League winning soccer player.