HomeComing Africa 2018

HomeComing Africa was the second event of an eventing revolution set to take the continent by storm. A celebration of African music, culture and lifestyle. The building of a cultural bridge between international and local music. This, one day festival was a music, food, culture and fun-filled experience. Patrons were invited to bring their empty cooler boxes, camp chairs, picnic blankets and festive cheer to an experience that went down in the history books.

HCA is really an opportunity for Homecoming Events to break down the walls of what was deemed to be a success and encouraging others in similar positions to do the same. It’s not Homecoming Events saying ‘Africa is the future’ as lip service but actually investing in proving that it is. It’s about breaking down the stereotypes about black people in entertainment; this is the dream that will build a fresh bridge with the international community.



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January 23, 2018