Hypebeast Magazine Issue 20

Hypebeast Magazine Issue 20

Made in collaboration with Off-White™ frontman Virgil Abloh, this issue delves into the many forms of charismata. Without an appropriate word to capture this multifaceted appeal, the 20th edition of HYPEBEAST Magazine is simply dubbed “X.”

Marking a milestone 20th edition of HYPEBEAST MagazineThe X Issue, with the unknown “x” variable in mind, features the foremost figure of today — Off-White™ leading man Virgil Abloh – as our cover story. Inside the magazine, Hypebeast spends a day with Abloh discussing streetwear and its manifestation as a cultural movement and creative work. Additionally, Mark Borthwick — the inimitable photographer responsible for Balenciaga and Helmut Lang campaigns– contributes an exclusive visual diary, alongside shooting our cover feature.

Hypebeast also visits Arthur Kar, who takes us on a tour of the automobiles in his life: the ones parked in his garage, emblazoned on his T-shirts and forever in his memories. Along the way: Hypebeast speaks to BRTHR, the duo entrusted with conceptualizing music videos for artists such as Travis Scott and The Weeknd, while Chrome Heartsfounder Richard Stark discusses the benefits of not being in the fashion industry. Meanwhile, spirituality takes a material turn with Advisory Board Crystals, who speak to Hypebeast about the difference between making clothes and having a label.


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